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Allergy Testing Ottawa

Identify substances that trigger an allergic response in your nervous system.

Sue has a combined approach to treating allergies which incorporates the NAET system (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique) along with other modalities including Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition and Energy Healing.

She can identify substances that trigger an allergic response in your nervous system by using a standardized muscle response test. The identified allergic response is then 'turned off' by stimulating acupuncture points using hand and finger pressure (no needles).

This remarkable system is a painless, safe, non-invasive and effective way to make allergies disappear. It works with your body to achieve long lasting results. Sue has even successfully treated anaphylactic peanut allergy and other severe allergies including shrimp, egg, milk and latex. Treating allergies can help many different health problems.

This system of testing and treatment is safe for people of all ages, from the newborn to seniors. It can also be used to treat animals.

Most people require between 5 and 10 sessions to turn off all their allergies, however if you react to a large number of allergens, or are highly allergic, you may need considerably more.

Every person Sue sees is different and she will work with your body to provide the best treatment for you. Treatment is flexible, the treatments can be daily or spread out - the result it the same, it just depends how soon you want to feel better! Most people have 1 or 2 sessions per week.

For some people this system of treatment, based on NAET is not the best option to resolve their health issues, if this is the case Sue will advise you in the first visit of the best approach for you. This may involve homeopathy, naturopathy, hypnotherapy, osteopathy, nutritional counselling, acupuncture, energy healing or other modalities.


Sue will test your response to a wide variety of foods, environmental substances such as dust, mould, pollen and pets, electro-magnetic frequencies from cellphones, TVs, lighting, power lines and more and also specific weather patterns. She will then address your specific symptoms and identify the allergens responsible for those specific symptoms.

Symptoms can also be triggered by nutritional deficiencies and other factors such as emotional issues, infection (bacterial, parasitic, viral) and structural imbalances and these will also be taken into consideration.

The testing requires repetitive use of your arm so for infants and children under about 5 or 6 yrs old, seniors, the infirm or very sick people, if you have shoulder problems and for animals testing is carried out through another adult, a surrogate.

At the end of the testing Sue will provide you with a guidebook summarizing your results and containing important advice.

The initial test usually involves around 200 different potential allergens, and Sue will start with the items that relate to you, your symptoms and your lifestyle. In total she has over 500 items available which can be tested if required. If you believe you are reacting to an unusual substances or an item that specifically relates to your work or hobby then please bring a small amount with you so Sue can test it.

Treatment for your allergies

The treatment involves stimulating acupuncture points on the back that regulate the sympathetic nervous system. This painless acupressure, performed using hand and finger pressure (no needles), reverses the response that your body has developed to the presence of the allergens. This re-educates your body, enabling it to associate the allergens with being in a calm, balanced state.

Each time you come Sue will determine which allergens your body is ready to treat. When you return for further treatment she will check the allergens which were treated the previous time and treat them again if necessary. It is usually possible to also treat a new group of allergens at the same visit.

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Ottawa Holistic Wellness clinicAllergies are a part of many Health Problems including:

» Peanut Allergy, Shellfish Allergy, Anaphylactic and Severe Allergic reactions, Pet Allergies, Digestive Disorders, Eczema and other Skin Issues, Asthma, Chronic Cough, Sinusitis, Post Nasal Drip, Low Energy, Anxiety, Depression, Hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD, Headaches, Migraines, Muscle & Joint Aches, Fibro-myalgia, Weak Immune System Hormone Imbalances »
And MANY more!
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    What is an allergy?

    The word allergy comes from the greek allos (different, strange) and ergon (activity). Read More »

    Allergy and sensitivity are essentially the same thing, basically they are both an inappropriate reaction by the body to a substance that is not harmful to it.

    Allergy-related disorders like anaphylaxis, asthma, eczema, rhinitis and sinusitis have increased greatly over the past 50 years. The theory is that this increase relates to antibiotic use, immunization and an environment that contains too few microbes and too many synthetic chemicals. Allergy and sensitivity also contribute to many other diseases, including autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, headaches, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, many skin disorders, neurological and psychiatric diseases, all of which are on the rise.

    The approach of conventional medicine to allergies is of limited use. Most medical allergy specialists rely on testing that only detects IgE antibodies; this is one of many different kinds of allergic responses. This testing can miss many substances that you are allergic to, and allergy shots can take years of painful, repeated treatment and is only partially effective.

    Drugs to treat allergy symptoms do not deal with the underlying causes and can be likened to turning off the warning light on the dashboard in your car without fixing the underlying problem - sooner or later another problem will manifest as a result of that initial problem not being resolved. You can also develop tolerance or rebound phenomena, making matters worse.

    Other alternative methods for testing and treating allergy can provide more information because they measure other things. Blood tests identify IgG antibodies against specific foods. Electrodermal testing measures changes in skin resistance. Sublingual provocation-neutralization measures changes in heart rate and specific symptoms.

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Just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me last summer. By early fall, my relatives told me I looked like I did before having my kids ie: I had lost my wheat belly (well most of it!) I eat only the things you helped me realize are good for me and have adopted a mostly Paleo diet - with some rice and quinoa, max once a day. My eyes have been opened and there is a whole world of delicious food out there! Thank you so much, Sue!!! Pam
"I am very grateful for having gone to see you and I have a very different outlook on my life these days. The desire was always there, I was just missing the answers.. I'm grateful for your insight and am continuing to pursue a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercises (something I enjoy very much now that my joints are not always swollen). I cannot believe that I went so long in chronic pain and just put up with it. I have passed the word on to many people AJ
I was always short of breath, increased difficulty just going up the stairs. I was tested for allergies and it ended up I was allergic to multiple things including milk products and gluten. I was treated and now I started playing hockey and running again. I barely use my puffers, and I am rarely sick even though I work in hospital setting. Chantal
"I first started investigating kinesiology to relieve symptoms of two intolerances (aspirin which made me vomit; and shellfish, which I'd only ever handled but not eaten, which brought out a rash right up my arms). Sue's number was given to me and I haven't looked back since. Despite being skeptical about how on earth it could work I let Sue assess me, listen to my case history and then start to treat me. At the assessment appointment she correctly commented on things I suspected my body didn't like but I hadn't told her. After a few treatments I was able to successfully take aspirin, and on holiday eat crab and lobster for the first time (after some basic tests recommended by Sue to double check that my body's reaction to it was now cleared). I am so thrilled with the results and can't thank Sue enough. She also has a great relaxed manner which is professional, confident and friendly. Rachel